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Chakras :  Our Energy Centers

Our Chakras Connect us to the Earth and to the Energies of the Photons from the Star Sun.

Over time and through many experiences our Chakras may close up or become blocked, stopping them from spinning, as they should. 

When a Practitioner Activates your Chakra, it will start to spin and radiate and the energy will start flowing again.  Other ways we can keep our Chakra spinning is exercise, drinking water, getting outdoors in the Sunlight, and deep breathing, but if yours are closed, you need to have them activated first.

As you can see from this Chart, the Chakras also affect your personality, emotions, decisions, and abilities.  So this is a very important area for you to work on and keep active.  Sitting for long periods of time can do much damage. Walking, swimming, exercise, will help you.

Some helpful hints to stay on track...

Use your Healing Reiki Touch

Charts provided by Pinterest and other Health conscious people.  Thank you for sharing.


                                          Copyright@Scalar Glow, LLC  2014

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