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An Alternative Way to Heal your Body

What is Scalar Glowing?
Scalar Glowing is Glowing in your body, being fully charged of Energy!
Did you know that the average person on Planet Earth must get at least
1000 Photons a day from the Sun to be healthy?  That's right every day!
So, how do we get our Photons?  They are transmitted from the Star Sun, which is
the Sun at the center of the Universe.  Those rays of light, photons, come to us
from the Star Sun by bouncing off our Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets.  Some rays get through without bouncing, but it is very far away, so most are reflected.
What happens when we don't get the Photons needed to sustain our life?
We get sick and diseased and we die. The Photons from the Sun are vital!
When we are fully charged with our dose of Photons, we are healthy, alert, and
active in life.  That is Scalar Glowing when we are full of Photons, healthy and alive!
Do you feel drained?  Scattered in your mind?  Are you Sick?  Not sleeping well?
Are your Eyes always red?  Do you have numbness or tingling in your legs?  Do you live in Pain?  Do you have problems with your Skin?  Trouble Breathing?  Tightness in your Chest?  Chrones?  Digestive Disorder?  Headaches?  Migraines?  Stiffness?  Cancer?  Diabetes?  Dementia?  Parkinsons? Pain?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, you are not getting the Photons your
Body needs.
We recommend 20 minutes a day in the direct sunlight and start taking your Vitamins!  D Especially!  We recommend getting treatments to restore your levels
with one of our Practitioners.  They can direct Scalar Energy into your body to get your body back on track.  We recommend you drink at least 4 glasses of PH Balanced Water every day, if not more.  We recommend you eat lots of raw veggies and fruit and less Red Meat and Starches. Stay away from Sugar, Corn, and Bread/ Crackers.  We recommend the foods that you choose be foods for your Blood Type, we can give you charts.  You will need at least 5 treatments to get you back on track and after each treatment, you will notice significant changes in your body.  Your Bones will go into alignment, your skin will start to look healthier, you will have more alertness and it will get better with every treatment. Expect to spend an Hour for each Treatment.
You should tell the Practitioner everything you know about your body, to help them focus on you.  There is sometimes a die-off period,  you will have Flu-like symptoms when this happens.  It will pass, it is toxins coming out, your body will dissolve it.  Everything that happens to you, write it down and report it to your Practitioner.  They are there to help you in every way they can to get you better.
Remote Treatments
Practitioners can work remotely as Scalar light follows Intent.  Your Photo will be treated.
Available Treatments
Hands on is when the Practitioner is actually touching you.
Remotely is when a Practitioner is sending to you through your Photo or working online.

"Be in the Light"


The Myriads of Angels come bringing the Love of God to you....

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