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Our Source, God the Creator of all things, is available to help you forgive yourself,  and others and release all the memories of past experiences that might be hurting you, right now!
Having the needed Photons in your Body helps you to deal with life and all its issues.  They sustain your life.
The Sun has been sustaining Life for Centuries and more, bringing life to Plants, Trees, Animals, Humans, and more every moment.  We give Glory to God for this as his Creative Force has put this in motion, his Universal Mind.  Einstein was right! Everything is Energy and we can use that Energy!


Science has proven these facts.  The air we breathe gets more polluted every day and puts a block between the Sun and the Planet, depriving us of Photons.  The water is so contaminated that we are forced to have our water cleaned and purified, taking out the so-needed nutrients.  A well provides pure water, but for most Humans on the planet, that is not available.  Our Food is being masterminded by giant corporations, changing the structure of some foods, genetically modifying them so that they are not even digestible by the body.  Cloning and spraying our foods with Pesticides is so dangerous that they are actually killing the Birds flying in the area, the land animals, bugs, butterflies, and bees.  The Chem Trails leave their destruction of Aluminum throughout the lands, also killing Birds and Insects, polluting the Air and Soil. Our Soil is even becoming depleted by overuse.  If all these things are not enough, look at how many people are hooked on Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine.  Our Vaccinations are even polluted with metals and chemicals harmful to us. Working together we can change it all.

We at Scalar Glow want to help! We want to show others how to get well and we want to teach the world how they can protect themselves by sending Scalar Energy to their food, their water, even the air around them, they can purify and give it the photons so that when you drink it, eat it, breath it, it will not harm you, but it will sustain you.  Help the World one step at a time, become clean again.  That is our mission to educate people so that they can heal themselves and others.

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