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My name is Dolores,  I have had several treatments with wonderful results, I can finally use my hand again after it was injured in a fall.

I had just one Treatment and my whole being changed from slow and depressed to awake and alive! I'm so grateful!   Diane

My name is Ginger,  I always walked crooked, I just accepted it.  After two Sessions my body is in alignment and I'm walking straight now! My practitioner grew my left leg out 1 inch and aligned my hips.

This is from Richard,  I grew up with Headaches and when I would get one, it stopped my whole day.  I have had three treatment so far and haven't had a headache for two months, plus I feel much better all around.

My Cat was very ill, the vet couldn't do anything for her, so I tried Scalar Glow.  She wasn't eating, sleeping all the time and just pale nose and weak.  Hidding all the time.  After one session, she is eating and she is back to normal, I was amazed!  I recommend it for all your pets as well as yourself.  The cat loved it!  Joanne

I was diagnosed and treated for cancer of the throat,  They removed half my tongue, my larnyx and cut more out of my throat.  When the Practioner should up, I was in Hospice dying.  My body was in a Coma though I could still hear people talking.  I was being fed by a tube and breathing by a tube.  After five treatments I left Hospice, after quitting the pain meds and being able to manipulate my body again, I even wrote what I wanted to say on the chalk board.  I am alive and living again and I thank the crew at Scalar Glow for that.  Star Gravet

My eyes were damaged at the age of 9.  While playing at the park with my friends, there was a sand fight and I got the brunt of it.  I rubbed my eyes over and over trying to get the sand out, damaging the eyes.  I grew up only seeing images, shadows.  After one Healing Session, I am able to see.  I don't know how they do it, but it works, I am blessed just to come across this by accident.   Virgil

My name is Bob,  I suffered from frozen shoulder with not hope in sight.  I had two sessions and now am able to touch the ceiling, go in circles and no pain, thank you so much!

My Ovaries were covered in cists and very painful all the time.  I went through three sessions and the doctors couldn't see any more cists.  I followed the recommendations on eating and water and I'm wearing my gemstones too.  I'm hoping they will not come back ever.  I learned my PH was acidic and how to control that with food and good water. Thank you , Lydia

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