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Please mail your Photo to:

The Photo should only have you in the picture, your whole body, preferably against a wall with no pictures or decorations around you.  Include your name, address, email address and phone number.  You may list the illnesses or problems you are having and also the medications you are taking.  Your location will help the practitioner focus on you more. We want all the Energies to concentrate on you.

You will get a confirmation email that we have received your photo.  Please have patience as we are processing one at a time.  Usually, 2-3 days to get a confirmation email.  You will be assigned a Practitioner and they will contact you with their results after each session.  Depending on what Session you have chosen, they will send the results.  Recommendations and needed remedies will also be included.  Please give us time for this as it is complex.  If your photo is not clear or does not come through, we will contact you for another.  If you would like a Gemstone Necklace to help your healing, please let your Practitioner know. 

As in all Healing, we will need your permission to work on you or the person your are wanting the Healing done on.


We think of ourselves as flesh and blood, but we are truly Energy, water and minerals as everything on Earth, made of dust, God's breath (Chi) and water.

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